Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Wins Big Court Case

May 31, 2023 Kevin Lawrence

Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Wins Big Court Case, Sets New Real Estate Rule That Could Benefit Even Chiefs Fans

By Brandon Kochkodin, Forbes

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has already got one big win under his belt: setting a new precedent in real estate law. 

Nick Sirianni, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, has a big game coming up. But no matter what happens on the field, Sirianni has already made a huge impact in the world of real estate, winning a court case that could even make some residents of Kansas City happy.

In January, Sirianni thwarted a trick play attempted by the sellers of a home he agreed to buy. In the process, a New Jersey court gave homebuyers across the nation more protection against secretive sellers.

The coach sued to break a contract for a house he’d purchased after discovering that the seller didn’t disclose a “right of first refusal” clause attached to the property. The clause meant that when Sirianni decided to sell the property, he’d have to offer it first to the seller’s children or family trust. The sellers included the clause in the title after Sirianni asked for it to be removed. Sirianni picked up the blitz and checked down to another play — he backed out of the deal.

The property in question is located in Moorestown, N.J., outside Philadelphia, and boasts 7,800 square feet of living space. With a $2.3 million price tag, it’s described as a “private oasis” with a breathtaking backyard, a salt-water pool and hot tub perfect for relaxing after a hard day of berating game officials on the NFL sideline.

“This means that for the first time in New Jersey and perhaps in the U.S., a court holding now says a seller now must disclose the right of first refusal before going under contract and if they fail to do so, the buyer can terminate the contract,” Sirianni’s lawyer, Lance Rogers, told Forbes in an email.

For the Eagles coach, the winning drive resulted in his recouping a $100,000 deposit, plus reimbursement for all those irritating fees that come with buying a home. And for homebuyers nationwide, yes, even Chiefs fans, Sirianni’s victory is theirs too.

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