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We are creative, aggressive litigators fighting for you. Our civil lawsuit lawyers are there for you.

Civil Litigation

Rogers Counsel’s civil lawsuit lawyers have a strong track record of success in litigation and our experienced team can represent your interests at trial, arbitration and mediation. With two former federal law clerks on staff, we have the experience that will make a difference in your case.  We are aggressive civil litigation lawyers for lawsuit disputes between people, businesses, or government entities.

When do you need a civil lawsuit lawyer? You’re enmeshed in an argument with another person. Maybe you’ve been cheated — you’re owed money, or you need somebody to deliver on a promise they’ve made or a contract they’ve signed. If your trust has been breached or you’ve suffered because of another’s actions or inactions, you need someone to stand up for your rights, and that’s what we deliver. We are smart, aggressive, creative civil lawsuit lawyers committed to fighting to help you accomplish your goals.

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    Do I Have a Civil Lawsuit?

    At Rogers Counsel, our civil litigation attorneys are here to make things right. A civil dispute’s goal is to get justice for somebody who has been wronged. In some cases that means enforcing performance, and in some cases, it means paying compensation to make up for the losses you’ve suffered. If our civil litigation attorneys can achieve a resolution through negotiations or mediations, it’s great, but we’re always ready to carry the dispute into court and provide you with confident, commanding representation. Our civil litigation lawyers have a successful record of telling compelling stories in court so that judge and jury understand perfectly that you’ve been wronged. We put an experienced team on your side to make sure that you have the best chance of dominating your opponent and achieving your goals.

    Types of Civil Litigation

    Civil litigation covers many different types of disputes, including:

    Make Your Problems Our Problems

    No matter what kind of legal issue you’re facing, whether it’s a personal matter or you’re facing off against a corporate giant, by relying on the aggressive lawyers from Rogers Counsel you know that your interests are being protected by a powerhouse team with extensive knowledge of the law and a record of arguing vigorously and successfully on behalf of our clients.


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    Customer service is our number one priority. We strive to return all calls and emails within the same day. We are Montgomery County Civil Litigation Attorneys.


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