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We’ve mastered a new way to provide legal services where attorneys and clients work together towards a common goal – better, less expensive legal solutions. A flat fee model works and is the ideal way to receive legal representation.

Hourly billing is a relic of the past.

Billing by the hour doesn’t work. It pits clients against their attorneys by making them question whether an issue is important enough to justify a hefty bill for a short telephone call, where the client is literally billed for exchanging pleasantries. Attorneys are pressured to put their best work on the table while billing a minimal amount of time. These pressures typically create a dynamic whereby attorneys are cut out of the loop on decisions, or, are not consulted early enough to be able to help a client avoid costly problems. We have the solution – a flat fee billing model.


Why Pay More?

If you’ve ever found yourself reaching for the phone to call your lawyer, then stopping because even a quick call costs too much, then Rogers Counsel’s flat fee billing model is the answer for you.  Instead of being billed for every minute spent on the phone or in meetings, you pay a single flat fee for the month, which provides you with unlimited legal service. Your fee will be tailored to your anticipated needs and prior use, with the only fees not included being litigation and major outside projects. Even those will be billed at reduced rates. Our clients who’ve already signed on for flat fee billing have seen significant savings, with some cutting their annual legal fees in half!

Affordable Legal Services

Are you in need of legal guidance, but hesitant about the expense? You’re not alone. Hourly billing by law firms can quickly grow out-of-control, wreaking havoc with budgets and leading to unnecessary stress. Rogers Counsel’s flat fee legal services offer an innovative solution. You get all the advantages of our best-in-class law firm, without the headaches.

Law firms provide their clients with invaluable guidance, but hourly fees limit their impact. When clients hesitate to make a call or ask a question for fear of facing unpredictable bills, the service that they receive suffers. Attorneys end up not knowing the full story, and clients stop feeling like they have the opportunity to really explain their position, their goals, and their concerns.

How Flat Fee Works

Clients pay one flat fee per month and get unlimited legal service available anytime. It’s that straightforward and easy. The monthly fee is based on anticipated need and prior use. The only items not covered by the flat fee are litigation (billed at a reduced hourly rate) and major projects outside of the scope of normal everyday use (“I’d like you to fly to California and attend a meeting with me.”) Whether you have a major disaster requiring 100 hours in any given month or have a normal need, you pay the same rate. By using this model, our clients typically save significantly on annual legal fees (up to 50%) and are able to accurately predict and budget for legal expenses.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. By giving attorneys the ability to become involved before problems arise, we can help avoid pitfalls. This saves you time, stress, frustration and money, allowing you to focus on more productive projects. Our attorneys (often referred to by clients as “teammates”) work with you and your team to achieve your organization’s goals.

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