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Intellectual Property Law

Rogers Counsel offers a complete range of intellectual property services to protect your proprietary information, designs, and innovations.

Protecting the commercial value of intellectual property

Rogers Counsel offers a complete range of intellectual property services from protecting your proprietary information, designs, and innovations to defending against patent and trademark infringement. Rogers Counsel’s attorneys have represented and counseled clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and professional athletes to small startups and individual inventors in a variety of situations involving patents, trademarks, trade secrets, false advertising, right of publicity, and copyright protection. Rogers Counsel’s intellectual property practice is headed up by Joe Heffern, a registered patent attorney, who has nearly two decades of intellectual property law and litigation experience.

From the courtroom to the negotiating table, Rogers Counsel’s IP litigators have an established track record of obtaining favorable results for clients, whether enforcing trademarks to protect their intellectual property or defending against infringement claims. Our intellectual property law attorneys regularly handle and try complex cases for both defendants and plaintiffs, ranging from local to Federal jurisdictions. Our clients operate in a wide range of industry sectors, from Financial Services and Investment Management, Textile and Hospitality to Entertainment, Chemical and Retail.

Intellectual Property Law Services

  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence

    • Intellectual property due diligence is an extensive audit to assess the quality and quantity of the assets of intellectual property licensed to, or owned by, a company, individual or business. The due diligence audit will also include an assessment of how intellectual property is used, protected and captured by the relevant business or company.
  • Intellectual Property Litigation

    • Intellectual property litigation involves resolving disputes between competitors, often realized as a business lawsuit, that have to do with a variety of inventions such as artistic works like music or logo designs, unique manufacturing processes, groundbreaking scientific discoveries and products. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and trade dress are a few specific examples of what is covered under IP litigation.
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing and Transactions

    • Exclusive, limited use or non-exclusive IP licensing agreements require a thorough asset review to understand the scope and opportunities as well as identify potential risks. Then a comprehensive license agreement strategy can be developed that covers specifics such as royalties, confidential information, provisions for termination, enforcement, clear definition of the technology being licensed, as well as ongoing auditing of the terms of the license.
  • Patent Counseling

    • IP counseling focuses on providing guidance on how to navigate the options for developing and protecting intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, based on the goals and objectives of the business, corporation or individual.
  • Patent Prosecution

    • Patent prosecution describes the interaction between patent applicants and the patent office with regard to an application for a new patent. Patent prosecution is different and distinct from patent litigation since litigation is about protecting or defending against infringement between competitors, whereas prosecution is a negotiation with the patent office.
  • Patent Litigation

    • The legal process of patent litigation is when the owner of a patent for a specific invention, usually a business, corporation or individual, initiates a business lawsuit against another business, corporation or individual for selling, or manufacturing the invention without permission. Defendants in a patent litigation will often assert counter claims arguing that the patent is invalid or not enforceable.
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity

    • Data privacy is a person’s understanding of their rights as to how their personal information is stored, collected, shared and used. Cybersecurity refers to the steps taken to ensure that a computer system, network server or an individual computer is fully protected against unauthorized access from external hackers
  • Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

    • Trade secrets and unfair competition include a wide variety of legal services to protect intellectual property such as confidential information and trade secrets from nefarious actions by former employees or competitors who wish to gain an unfair competitive advantage.
  • Trademarks

    • A trademark is a legally recognized type of intellectual property consisting of a unique, recognizable expression, design, or sign which clearly identifies the services or products of the owner from those of its competitors. The trademark owner can be a corporation, an individual, a business, or any legal entity. A trademark is located on a label or package, or directly on the product itself. Trademarks are often displayed on company buildings as a way of pronouncing corporate identity.
  • Copyrights

    • A copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form. The copyright protects these original works as soon as the work becomes a tangible form of expression. There are a lot of different types of works that are covered by copyright law, including musical compositions, computer programs, architectural works, photographs, blog posts, paintings, sound recordings, poems, illustrations, movies, books, plays and more.
  • Trade Dress

    • Trade dress is a specific form of intellectual property and refers to all of the components that make up the visual appearance that are used to promote a product or service. This could refer to the design, the packaging, the displays, the configuration of the product or even the actual building itself.

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